Rats and mice often enter homes, farm buildings, and warehouses in search of food and shelter. The most common rodent pests are the commensalisms. These are rodents that have adapted to co-habitat with man.

These rodents have been brought by man to the four corners of the world. Rats and mice consume large quantities of food, damage structures, clothing, and documents. They also serve as carriers of numerous diseases, like rat bite fever, Leptospirosis, Murine typhus, Rickettsial pox, plague, Trichinosis, typhoid, dysentery, Salmonellosis, Hymenolepis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and rabies.

In most cases of rodent infestation, rodent control can be carried out without having to use poisons. Good sanitation and exclusion will prevent some problems. If rodents do get indoors, small populations can be eliminated with nontoxic methods. Rodenticides need only be used in cases of inaccessible infestations. The trapping of rodents is often preferable to poisons.

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